What is Bitcoin – Work of Bitcoin!

What is Bitcoin - Work of Bitcoin!

Bitcoin. You’ve probably heard of it by now. But what do you do with Bitcoin? And what works? If you want to know more about Bitcoin price, then this post is for you. So let’s start at the beginning & take a look that what exactly is this currency…?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized form of currency, meaning no one owns it. Which can come and go as it pleases… While more centralized fiat currency options depend on others, your money is safe by trusting some third party (eg government, bank). But that third party can make more money if it wants. Can only print more money or sell debt. Bitcoin has no such problem. No one has to spend anything to generate extra bitcoins. And Bitcoin transactions are publicly recorded. So no one can spend the same bitcoin twice without being detected.

The world’s richest people are backing Bitcoin. Because Bitcoin is not that difficult to carry. But common currency that is in circulation. It requires effort and certain volume to carry. But using Bitcoin does not require any volume or effort. Since it is a virtual currency only, one can carry their earned money anywhere at will. And they can be controlled from anywhere using online security systems. This is why Bitcoin is used. Since Bitcoin’s security system is advanced, Bitcoin is mainly supported by the famous rich people of the world. Currently, Bitcoin payments are also accepted on several e-commerce platforms online.


How does Bitcoin work?

What is Bitcoin - Work of Bitcoin!

Bitcoin operates through a set of rules and cryptographic functions called the blockchain. Every transaction that occurs is automatically recorded in the blockchain ledger and shared with everyone on the network. This is a public record, so anyone can view it. But it is encrypted using cryptography. So that no one can read or fake it The central bank keeps track of your money, but the ledger can’t see how it’s tracking. Where they record your balance. People who manage bitcoins are called miners. Miners own powerful computers. Computers that scan all transactions occurring on the network can detect suspicious transactions They try to catch criminals, who try to cheat the system.

When they find a suspicious transaction, they scan through the block chain to verify it. They ensure that the person sending the bitcoins actually owns them. If they can scan and identify the correct owner, they add this new block to the chain and share it with everyone else on the network. This way we keep track of all Bitcoin transactions without a central authority like a bank or credit card company. Miner workers earn bitcoins as payment for their services. Bitcoin has other advantages besides being used as an alternative payment method. It allows people to send money across borders without going through banks or other institutions, which usually charge high fees.

Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin is a virtual currency. It has value. You can buy things with it. You can sell things in return. It is an asset class and you can store your assets in it. The price of Bitcoins is not always fixed. Its value goes up and down over time which is called inflation. If you are dealing with Bitcoin, you should definitely know the daily Bitcoin price! If you make sure of yourself before any transaction, you will get enough value.

What is Bitcoin - Work of Bitcoin!

Why do people want to use Bitcoin?

It is mostly used for online transactions. You can use Bitcoins to buy things locally. Some local businesses may also start accepting Bitcoin. If you are given bitcoins for your work, that means someone wants to pay you in a way that cannot be traced or reversed. Bitcoin is used as an investment. Many people believe that the value of the currency will continue to rise. So they invest more money and try to buy more bitcoins.

People love the fact that Bitcoin is not regulated by governments or banks. That means they can receive it without worrying about bank fees or taxes. Some people buy bitcoins as an investment, hoping that they will increase in value. Some people earn bitcoins by using computer software to solve math problems. This helps them earn new bitcoins. This is who they take as a real money business.

Is bitcoin legal in which countries?

Bitcoin is still not allowed to be used in Bangladesh. Because Bitcoin cannot be regulated by the government. Since it is an online currency, it has to be stored online. And it is common all over the world. Although the government of Bangladesh still does not officially support Bitcoin. After that you can earn Bitcoin online and convert it to Bangla Taka or American Taka. But apart from Bangladesh, Bitcoin is already in circulation in many countries around the world And it’s allowed to use it.


How to buy Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin - Work of Bitcoin!

Buying cryptocurrency can be a confusing process, with many exchange payment methods available One of the best exchanges for beginners is Coinbase, a San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange. Coinbase offers fiat onramps, or the ability to buy coins with traditional fiat currencies. While Coinbase is beginner-focused, the process of setting up an account, adding funds, and buying coins is still not straightforward. For those who want to earn bitcoins, here is a list of such websites. From which you can earn bitcoins.

“How do I buy Bitcoin directly? And who do I buy from?” 

I assume there can be two reasons for this, 1/ somewhere to invest and deposit. 2/ You want to do business by buying bitcoins from people yourself.
If it’s the 1st reason then you need to have a Bitcoin wallet first, which you can easily walk to when you go to the Google Play Store. Among these the best Paxful wallet for Bangladesh, the most advantage you will get in it is, here you can buy bitcoins by making Bikash payment. And coinbase has no comparison. But if you want to buy bitcoins on coinbase you have to use another method, pay2change.com is a trusted website to buy bitcoins.

Now the second part is that if you want to buy bitcoin and do business with it yourself, then you need to open a website like above pay2change.. and you will understand how they buy bitcoin once you see.

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