Search Engine Marketing – How It Works!

Search Engine Marketing - How It Works!

Search Engine Marketing

Friends, what basically happens in SEO when a user searches with a specific keyword in a search engine, that is, when a user tries to find any information from a search engine, the search engine shows the result page or result depending on that keyword. That is, it is shown organically. Google shows search results based on the parameters of Google’s algorithm system. But we don’t pay any search engine for this. That is, neither we nor our competitors have paid any money to rank the pages in search engines. They show up organically on search engines for free.

Google ranks the keywords of our website in its search engine result pages if we follow the different guidelines, algorithms, parameters of Google and implement them properly. There are about 200 factors for keyword ranking in Google search engine. There are over 200 factors like what to do in On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO or Technical SEO.

Google has said that I have created these 200 factors, if you follow these 200 factors properly, your website or page will definitely start ranking. But friends SEO is a time consuming process or medium. But if you want instant results for your business then you have to go towards SEM i.e. search engine marketing. So in today’s post we will discuss “What is Search Engine Marketing?” “How Does Search Engine Marketing Work?” “What is the Importance of Search Engine Marketing?” I will try to find answers to such various questions.


Importance of Search Engine Marketing

ACM (SEM) or search engine marketing is a process through which we can show or rank a keyword on the top page by conducting an ad campaign in exchange of money through paid advertising in a search engine.

Suppose you have an e-commerce store or website. Now you want to sell the products you have listed in your web series. Now if you want to rank your website through SEO but it will take some time. Now you are going to get instant results. For instant sale. In this case, suppose the price of the product you want to sell is Rs. From here you will profit 500 rupees. Now if we spend 100 to 200 rupees to sell the product through search engine marketing or through paid results, still our profit is 400 to 300 rupees.

If we want to sell the product through SEO, then our profit will be in that 500 rupees. But in this case it will take a long time to sell the product. It may take several months. And if we sell through SEM or search engine marketing, then our profit is a little less. But we are getting instant results. But if you want to do the same thing through SEO, it may take a few months to get the fast page rank for your desired keywords.

It may take longer. It depends on website types. How do you want to rank, which niche ie which category is your website in? Some things like how competitive that category is. So if you want to sell your products quickly and instantly then SEM is very important and profitable.

I searched Google search engine with the keyword “freelance designer for hire” to show how the results are done on the results page through ACM. As a result, you can see some results showing in the picture. But here the results which are showing on the top page have ad written in front of them. Here, the first 3 results above show the word ad. If you scroll down a bit, you will see one or two more adds.

Here on the result page you can see the results of writing ad but these are not organic results. These are paid results. That is, they have done search engine marketing and show results. When someone wants to rank a website on a specific keyword in exchange for money through an ad campaign on a particular search engine, it is called ACM or Search Engine Marketing. If you look a little below the above picture, you will see that there is no ad written on the website number 4 on the result page. That is, it is ranked organically through SEO. That is, it is the SEO result.

Simply put, through SEO we can get any search engine to rank our website or keywords on their result pages without paying any money. And through ACM we can run an ad campaign in exchange of money through paid advertising in any search engine and show it on the top page.


Advantages of SEM

Search Engine Marketing - How It Works!

Reach your client instantly: What we discussed earlier is that through SCM you can deliver your product, your business, your product’s service to your potential customer without waiting for a few months or days. Thanks to ACM or Search Engine Marketing you can do it instantly.

Detailed targeting is possible: This is an important feature of ACM. SEM allows you to show your ads to your target audience based on their interests. Also you can easily do everything in their gender location retargeting through ACM.

Being highly qualified constant traffic to your page: Many can say that we can do it through SEO. But suppose you are able to bring a keyword to the top three position or top position through SEO. But after a few days there were some changes in Google’s algorithm which keep coming every year. So any update or change of this kind will affect the ranking of your website. Then your ranking may go from first page to third paper or even second page. This is the type of ranking factor we see in SEO. But as long as you run a paid campaign on ACM, your website traffic will continue to come and it must be highly qualified traffic. Because people are coming to your website by searching for that particular keyword themselves.

Implement and manage at easily and quickly: The ad campaign we run through ACM is easy for you to manage. You can make any changes you want to make very easily. If you want to update something new, you can do that too. And you can do these things instantly. You can even turn your ad campaign on and off whenever you want. This ACM is under your complete control. You can turn it on when you need it and turn it off when you don’t.

Generate conversion and truck conversion easily: When we run ad campaigns through ACM, we can target our audience directly. Bringing high quality traffic to our website landing page. As a result, the audience who are interested in our service or product are already visiting our landing page. If they like our products or offers, the chances of sales increase. And how many people converted from that traffic and how many people liked our service or product. We can easily track all these things through ACM (SEM). We can track all such important information like how many people have shown our ads and where they have shown through ACM.



Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a digital marketing process through which you can prepare and promote search engines for your website or online presence. It helps to grow your website to rank higher in search engines, and in short SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a complex integrated system of science and techniques to display your targeted publicity in search engines through paid ads or sponsored links. The SEM process can be a key to business success, as it can help drive overall business growth along with search engine readiness to keep your targeted advertising visible.

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