Facebook Marketing 2024 – How To Get Started

Facebook Marketing 2024 - How To Get Started

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing covers a large part of digital marketing. We are all very used to Facebook marketing. This is because we spend most of our time on Facebook at the beginning and end of the day. Some browse the news feed, some chat in messenger groups, some watch videos. Given that we spend a large portion of our day on Facebook, we have a lot to gain from marketing here. Because at the end of the day, the consumers or customers you need for whatever product you sell are on Facebook. So Facebook marketing is very important for targeting them.

How to start Facebook Marketing

There are generally two ways of marketing on Facebook. Paid Marketing and Organic Marketing.

  • Paid Marketing: Marketing that is done by boosting various posts on Facebook with money. This is page marketing.
  • Organic Marketing: Marketing that is done without any post boost is basically organic marketing. That is, marketing that does not cost any money is organic marketing.

Since boost or paid marketing has to be done with your own pocket money, we don’t have much headache about it, so today the main topic of our discussion will be organic marketing.

Rules of Paid Marketing

When you post on a page, you will see an option called boost post below it. Clicking there will tell you who you want to boost or reach the post to. You can set everything there. For example age; What age group do you want to send this post to? Or not going to send to son but want to send to daughter. No want to send to both. Do not want to send to a specific city or a specific country.

After customizing everything like this you say boost the post for $30 per day. Then Facebook will say that with this 30 dollars of yours, we can deliver your post to one of your target users. If you want, you can easily do Payt Marketing by spending money like this.

How to do organic marketing

Few people do paid marketing on Facebook. A maximum of 5 percent of people are doing Payt Marketing who are basically working professionally. The remaining 95 percent of people try to figure out how to use Facebook or do Facebook marketing without spending money. Today’s article is mainly for them. Apart from own ID on Facebook we can use two things a Facebook page and Facebook group. There are some differences between pages and groups. Many may have questions about which one to start with. In this case, I would say to start with both together.

  • Page: Because page is one way communication. Any organization is always talking, posting videos and giving pictures. Then the customer sees them and gives them feedback.
  • Group: On the other hand group is a community. As you post there, group members who post can share their experiences. That means a beautiful community is created here. So it is better to start both pages and groups together for marketing on Facebook.

Marketing Process

Suppose you are in the watch business. Your page name is Real Coin Tickers. Whenever you post on this page, people can see it. Now imagine you also open a group on Facebook called Real Coin Tickers. Then all those who like watches will continue to join your BD watch group. Or you can invite your friends to the group and enlarge the group.

What is the result of this? But when the group continues to grow, you don’t just have to post pictures of your watch. You can ask the rest of the group members to post there. Then the group members started uploading their favorite pictures or watch pictures of their favorite brands. As a result of this community, your group will continue to grow. If the group becomes very big after a few days, then your company name is on the cover. How to order your watch is also provided. That means people who like watches, who are very interested in watches but also know about your company. Through this, your sales will also increase a lot.

Demanding Content

Facebook generally has three types of content. You can give pictures, give any content or upload videos. When writing, you must think about them a lot. In this case, you need to improve your copywriting skills. There are several formulas for copywriting. You have to know them. If you do a google you will find many such formulas. Also if you want to upload pictures. There are photo editing software through which you can create beautiful and attractive photos and upload them. You can use Canva to edit photos quickly and easily. It can be used both paid and free. You can also upload videos. Which is very popular now.

Things to keep in mind before posting

Facebook Marketing 2024 - How To Get Started

These things must be kept in mind especially when you are uploading videos. Title and thumbnail are very important in this case. Karan can get a lot of people scrolling through your video news feed. Now whether or not your video will be clicked or watched depends on two things. They are:

  • Thumbnail
  • Caption or title

If the title and thumbnail of your video are not good then people will not click on your video. So video captions and thumbnails are just as important as videos. When you upload a video, you have an option to give some tags. In this case, if the video is mobile related, then use some mobile related tags. If you use tags, your video will show when someone searches with that tag related. So using tags in videos is very important.

  • Correct use of Rights Manager: Watch your video that someone else has copied, downloaded and uploaded to their page. Keep your right manager on so that no one can do this. Facebook then tracks, if someone downloads and uploads your video, it says “This video is copyrighted by someone else”.
  • Adding Polls: You can optionally add polls while you are uploading videos. The question will come in the middle of the video that you like the product? “Yes” or “No”. In this way, a closer relationship with the users is developed. Care must be taken while uploading these items.

What to do after uploading content

As soon as you upload the video, share it in your group. Noticed now that your group is working. After uploading to the page, the audience of the page is not watching the video. But the members of the group who share it in the group can also see it. Always try to share a video as soon as you upload it. That’s because the more people see a video in the first hour, the more popular Facebook’s algorithm thinks it is. That means if you share the video after a day it is not very effective.

So always try to share immediately. If you can gather many views at once, Facebook will show your video in many people’s newsfeeds. Because Facebook’s algorithm thinks your video is very popular. That’s because the video got a lot of views in a very short time. So as soon as the video is uploaded, it can be shared in as many places as possible, it can be your own platform, it can be your friends’ platform and you will share it in all the groups you have.


Make sure to leave a comment in the comment section below after uploading the video. Because those who like your video will definitely comment. So click on the comment option to see your comment. Reply to every comment from people who comment on your videos. Those who are sharing will comment on each share. Because people who comment and share your videos are your most important customers. He loves your product the most. So create a positive relationship with those people.

Because they said something that your product is very good. But you didn’t answer it. But then a good relationship with the customer will not be created. In order to do good marketing, you must build a good relationship with your customers. They have to reply to every comment by going to share and commenting. If you follow the above tips you will see your gross increase very quickly. However, there are several other things that are important for your Facebook marketing. Like maintaining time. Many times in marketing, maintaining time is also important.

Choose the right time

Consider trying to find out which day of the week gets the most people to post. If you sell a product many times you will see people buy more products on Friday. Because people stay at home on Friday, order on that day. As if the product arrived on Saturday. If you know this, then you will not do marketing on Sundays. Then maybe you will give your best video on Thursday night. Because tomorrow is Friday, people watch more videos on Thursday and order there and the product comes on Friday. These small aspects must be kept in mind while marketing.

Then you have to think about when people watch videos the most. Is it eight in the morning or eight at night? Now maybe you must have understood that it is better to give it at eight in the night instead of at eight in the morning. That means, what day of the week should you post, what time should you post, what time will more people see if you post, you need to post by paying attention to those things.


Facebook marketing If you follow these things correctly, if you use these formulas and the tips that I told you to upload videos using Facebook groups and pages at the same time, then your Facebook marketing will be more effective and you will slowly You can make your page and group community stronger. And organically, you can easily reach many people with your product.

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