Top crypto bridges for cross-chain swaps

Top crypto bridges

From Ethereum to Binance: Top Crypto Bridges for Seamless Cross-Chain Swaps Cross-chain swaps have become increasingly popular in cryptocurrency, allowing users to transfer their digital assets between different blockchains seamlessly. Decentralized finance (DeFi) is becoming increasingly popular with the growing number of blockchain platforms, and the need for reliable and efficient crypto bridges has also … Read more

How to Do Your Coinbase Pro Taxes

Coinbase pro taxes

  Most Crypto traders in countries like the United States must now report their crypto taxes to the IRS and Coinbase pro taxes tool has made easy for all Coinbase users.  If Coinbase Pro user looking to report your crypto taxes to the IRS? Sometimes, most traders need help to report their transactions on the … Read more

What Is Bitcoin Halving and How Does It Affect the Bitcoin Ecosystem? 

What is Bitcoin Halving

You can only talk about the Bitcoin ecosystem without answering this question What is Bitcoin halving and how does it affect the Bitcoin ecosystem?  To explain what Bitcoin halving is, let’s understand how the Bitcoin network works.   Bitcoin is a decentralized (not controlled by any entity) digital currency that operates on a peer-to-peer network of … Read more

Basic Crypto Terms and Their Meanings

cryptocurrency terms for beginners

Before we look at the basic cryptocurrency terms for beginners let’s talk about cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are digital currency that employs cryptography to secure and verify all transactions. In addition, they are decentralized, meaning they are not controlled or issued by any central authority, such as a government or a bank. Instead, they are created and … Read more

Bullish vs. Bearish: A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Market Terms

bullish vs bearish

Bullish vs Bearish: A Complete Overview If you are interested in investing, trading, or just curious about the world of finance. Then, you might have heard some terms that could be clearer and more manageable. One is bullish and bearish, often used to describe the market’s direction or an asset’s price. But what do they … Read more

Best Crypto Tax Software

best crypto tax software

If you’ve carried out any crypto transactions, you have to report your income on your tax return. Documenting this whole process can be exhausting for some people, and the best option is to sign up for crypto tax software to handle the task. At Wegotrend, we have researched and tested top crypto tax software with … Read more

Everything you need to know about DeFi Wallet

Defi wallet

In the early months of 2019, DeFi and Defi wallet became popular. People were dumping their regular bank accounts used for business transactions for DeFi wallets because of the many limitations attached to the traditional banking system. Before DeFi, financial transactions involved third parties, and we all relied solely on banks and their serious charges. … Read more

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