6 Best Ways to Earn Bitcoin!

6 Best Ways to Earn Bitcoin!

Ways to earn Bitcoin! Friends hope everyone is well. Today we will discuss about the crypto market Bitcoin. How to earn Bitcoin at home? Today we will discuss six simple ways you can earn bitcoins from home. So, friends, without further ado, let’s start today’s post…….

01. Bitcoin Mining

Many of us may have already heard the word Bitcoin mining or it may be the first time for many. For those who have heard this for the first time, to know about Bitcoin mining, you need to know how Bitcoin works. Bitcoin is an invisible currency that cannot be seen or captured. It works through block chain method. Block chain system is the interconnection of one computer with another computer. It means having a connection with one another. The connection through which bitcoins are basically transferred. If we look at an example, we can see

Let’s say computer A has two bitcoins. Now one bitcoin he will sell to computer B. While moving from computer A to computer B if any person wants to hack the computer or manipulate the transaction then the entire computer will create a window & the man who already done this will be caught And this is the block chain method. That is why Bitcoin is so secure that it is impossible to hack. Since Bitcoin has no specific owner, everyone controls it. And this control is through the block chain system. For example, one compartment of the railway line is connected to another compartment.

6 Best Ways to Earn Bitcoin!

Now some computers work through this block chain method to decode the Bitcoin code. And this decoy is called Bitcoin mining. Which in a word can be called producing Bitcoins. And to make these bitcoins, superfast computers are needed. Which is very expensive. But the interesting thing is that it is possible to earn more than 10 to 6 million rupees per month by mining Bitcoin. But to earn this money, you have to spend some money first. To mine Bitcoin with a good computer you need to buy some good quality graphics card. We can start Bitcoin mining by buying and connecting it to our regular computer.

02. Earning Bitcoin from Websites

There are many websites on the internet that offer small units of Bitcoin in exchange for small tasks. Satsi is a small unit of Bitcoin. 1k as we call one bitcoin and 2k as we call two bitcoins. What is left after the zero decimal point is called satsi. So you can earn a lot of money by working on different types of websites. Follow our next post for more details about Satsi.

03. Bitcoin Trading

6 Best Ways to Earn Bitcoin!

One of the best ways to earn Bitcoin is Bitcoin trading. Many people are making a lot of money through Bitcoin trading. Bitcoin trading is where you buy bitcoins and over time, when the price of bitcoins increases, you sell the bitcoins according to the benefits. But in this case a lot of experience is required and a lot of details have to be known about it.

04. Apps Earning

There are many apps where you can earn bitcoins by playing games. There are also many other spinner apps where you can earn bitcoin by opening an account and spinning. But one thing here is that it takes a lot of time to earn bitcoins from apps.

Free bitcoin cash App
Do not install Free bitcoin cash app from play store. After installing, enter the app. Enter your name, email id, password and your wallet address here (you can’t open an account without this.) This app requires you to enter your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet address. You will find this wallet address if you have a Coinbase account. Once the account is opened you can access the main page. From here you can claim once every hour. Once hourly claim you can earn up to 10,000 satoshi. Also from Bonus Claim you can get from 20 to 5,000 Satoshi.

Free Dash App
Install Free dash app from play store first. After installing, enter the app. Its account will also be opened in the above rules. Only give the wallet address of Dash coin instead of the wallet address. From here you can claim once every hour. You can earn up to 10,000 satoshi by hourly claim. There is also Bonus Claim. From here also you can get anywhere from 400 to 2,000 Satoshi.

Free Litecoin App
Do not install the Free Litecoin app from play store. After installing, enter the app. This app will also account in the above rules. Just give the wallet address of Litecoin (LTC) instead of the wallet address. From here you can claim once every hour. You can earn up to 1,00,000 Latoshi by hourly claim. There is also Bonus Claim. From here also you can get 500 to 10,000 Latoshi.

05. Earn Bitcoin by Investing

There are three ways to earn Bitcoin by investing.

Website investing: Website investing is buying bitcoins by investing dollars in websites that can be invested in. Then they will work like bitshare. How the stock market works. And this is how Bitcoin will continue to grow slowly. According to me the best side of bitcoin investing is coin base.

Invest through apps: There are many apps in play story where you can invest bitcoins. In our country also there are many apps where you can invest money in Bitcoin. But these apps are not very fasted. Because after you invest, these apps companies can disappear with the money. In this case, before investing, be careful and invest knowingly.

Share Market Invest: Investing in share market is a very good way and one of the best way to earn Bitcoin. At present, as the price of Bitcoin is increasing day by day, many people are earning Bitcoin by buying shares of Bitcoin in the stock market. I think you who want to earn Bitcoin can follow three things.

  • Bitcoin mining
  • Bitcoin trading
  • Invest in share market

Through these three you can earn bitcoin very quickly. In the rest you can earn bitcoins if you want. But in this case it will take much time.


06. Bitcoin Telc

This is a forum posting site. Where various questions and issues related to Bitcoin are asked. If you want to earn bitcoin from here then first you need to create a profile in this forum. There should be regular posting. And when your profile is ranked your posts will be sponsored. Through which you can earn a huge amount of bitcoins


Friends, these were the six ways to earn Bitcoin. One last thing you should remember. There are many types of apps or sites in our country and abroad that lure you and ask you to invest. It can also say that just by investing, Bitcoin will double and you can earn Bitcoin very quickly. Beware of such scams. Because cheating has become very easy in the age of internet.

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