How to participate in Zksync airdrop

How to participate in Zksync airdrop

How to Take Part in zkSync Airdrop

You missed out on $ARB, and it left you devastated.

Every time you swiped through your Twitter page, you saw proof of $ARB participation.

The worst part is that nearly everyone in the Alpha community you are in received the airdrop and shared testimonies of the real-life investment they made with it.

But, It’s okay. You missed $ARB, and it is time to move on.

To ensure you don’t experience the same disappointment again, we prepared this article to help you participate in zkSync potential Airdrop.

This article will guide you on participating in zkSync Airdrop and provide information on what zkSync is about.


Read on so you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

How to qualify for zkSync Airdrop

How to participate in Zksync airdrop

Go to the zkSync Era Bridge page

This page is a website that transfers ETH from the Ethereum mainnet to zkSync Era Mainnet.

Connect your wallet

You’ll need to connect your Ethereum wallet from Metamask to the zkSync Era Bridge page so you can interact with it.

Bridge ETH from the Ethereum Mainnet to zkSync Era Mainnet

With this procedure, you can transfer ETH from the Ethereum mainnet to zkSync Era Mainnet and vice versa.

Fund your L2 zkSync Mainnet wallet using Ramp

Ramp allows you to directly fund your zkSync Mainnet wallet with fiat currency (USD etc.) without the stress of going through exchanges. Ramp is the easiest route to adding funds to your zkSync wallet.

Go to the zkSync testnet page

You can practice using zkSync features without spending real ETH.

Connect your Metamask wallet and Switch to the Goerli test network

When you connect your Metamask wallet, it will automatically switch to Goerli, a popular Ethereum test network.

Get Goerli test ETH for free here

On the test net page, there is a source where you can get ETH for free (no charge). This free ETH allows you to test the network without using real ETH.

You can now try to deposit, withdraw and transfer on Testnet

You can deposit test ETH, share it with another address, and return it to your wallet.

Use the “Faucet” to get testnet tokens

The faucet allows you to experiment with zkSync-based applications.

You can also complete tasks on zkSync’s Crew3

Easy tasks; follow the procedure and be appropriately positioned for a potential Airdrop.

Explore zkSync-based dapps for possible airdrops

Check out ZigZag, zkSync ID, and many other zkSync-based Dapps for potential airdrops.


These are the procedures to qualify for zkSync potential airdrop.


It is essential to understand that this information is not proof of any airdrop possibility but speculation of a potential airdrop.


If you’ve read to the point and are unfamiliar with what zkSync is, Read on.

What is zkSync

zkSync has been creating waves in the crypto space, especially with news of a potential airdrop and token. With all the attention zkSync is getting, it would be wise to have an idea of what it entails


So, what is zkSync?


zkSync is a solution that makes Ethereum transactions faster and cheaper. zkSync has no official token yet, but there is speculation of a potential airdrop.


By participating in the guide in this article, you might receive $ZKS tokens and other tokens in the zkSync ecosystem as $ARB did.


There are a lot of happy stories on Airdrops, and zkSync airdrops have the potential to give you extra income. If you are an airdrop hunter, this article is your go-to guide on zkSync Airdrop


Drop your questions in the comment section. Let’s get this right. If you find any difficulty participating with zkSync airdrop, you can drop a comment. We have your best interest at heart.

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